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Simple Joomla! Replication Procedure

There are various ways to replicate Joomla! environments we can use 3rd party tools like XCloner, etc… In this article, I am going to show rather simple way to achieve the replication of Joomla! or any other CMS.

Background: We are replicating server1 to server2

Assumptions: Both servers have Joomla! installed up and running


Step 1 (Server2): Rename configuration.php to configuration.server2

Step 2 (Server1): Backup file system to a *.tar file. We will name it backup_server1_ddmmyyyy.tar

Step 3 (Server1): Backup database of Server1. We will name it db1

Note: You can achieve step 2, and step 3. Using following bash script

Sample Script Link

Step 4 (Server2): Drop all tables in db2

Note: You can use following sample script for Step 4

Sample Script Link

Step 5 (Server2): Extract backup_server1_ddmmyyyy.tar (overwrite mode!)

Step 6 (Server2): Restore db1 using db2 connection string

Note: You can use following script for Step 5 and Step 6

Sample Script Link

Step 7 (Server2): Delete configuration.php

Step 8 (Server2): Rename configuration.server2 to configuration.php

This is one way to replicate or sync to Joomla! websites. There can be many solutions if you know a better tool or way please share.


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